These Idaho Background Checks Avoided Potential Tragedy

We provide reliable background check services to individuals and businesses throughout Idaho. Here are a few stories from our cases that really saved the day and avoided potential harm.

Case Story #1

We provide employee background checks to businesses throughout Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa & Southern Idaho.

Business Background Check Reveals Undisclosed & Dangerous Felonies

Kudos to this client because most aren’t as forward thinking – all too often the excitement of opening a new business overshadows careful consideration…

This recent client approached us considering a business partnership with an associate and requested we conduct a background check on the potential business partner. Our due diligence revealed the subject in question had felony convictions for both rape and fraud which he had not disclosed. After providing the report to our client, she realized the potential danger she might be exposing herself to and rescinded her offer of business partnership.

The only way to ensure a safe work environment is with thorough background checks and employee screenings. As much as we’d like to believe what everyone tells us, the truth is that not all prospective business partners or job applicants will be transparent and honest.

Case Story #2

Steadfast Private Investigations provides Idaho property managers and landlords with full service tenant background screenings.

Tenant Screening Saves Property Manager From Potential Troubles

A Boise property manager, avoids expensive troubles by making background checks a part of regular tenant screenings…

One routine tenant background check for our client turned up an undisclosed eviction with judgments attached, and multiple bankruptcies on the would be renter. This valuable information empowered our client to make an informed decision, avoiding possible unpaid rents and expensive eviction & legal fees.

The biggest red flags on any applicant are undisclosed “items of interest” in the past. However, landlords, property managers, and employers never know those things unless they conduct thorough background checks. Performed as part of the tenant screening process, background checks ensure the safety of neighboring families and children, and increase the probability of gaining the best possible tenant.

Case Story #3

We provide condidential background checks for suspected infidelity and premarital due diligence.

Premarital Background Check Uncovers Hidden Past

When things hit off well and love’s sparks are mutual, it’s often too hard to look beyond the feelings and take steps of precaution…

Our client, however, did go beyond those feelings and found the man she hoped to be her lifelong match was living a disappointing lie. Her handsome charmer assured her that he’d never been married, yet our client approached us for a confidential background check as safety. Our thorough check revealed two previous marriages with irrefutable evidence through court cases, sparing our client of a marriage ending in possible disaster.

In today’s world of easily masked online personas and affordable travel, relationship based and premarital background checks have become a must. Completely confidential, they ensure both the safety of all parties involved, and the longevity of the relationship.

We provide full service business, employment, and personal background check services throughout Idaho and nationwide. As a Boise area private investigation firm, we provide detailed and accurate information you can trust to make informed decisions. Call or connect with us today for a free consultation.

Until next time!

Ben Pearson is an Idaho certified private investigator who specializes in full service business, employment and personal background checks.

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